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How far to the town where HOLLERADO can be found?

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On October 5th, 2011, Hollerado played their sold-out show at the Opera House Theatre in downtown Toronto. Hollerado are known for their breakthrough song, “Juliette” off their debut album “Record in a Bag”. For long-time fans, it was incredible to have this indie band from small town Manotick, Ontario to have bands open for them instead of vice versa. A breath of fresh air is exactly how one would describe this indie-rock quartet. These Ontario natives had two opening bands for their show, Wildlife and The Pack A.D. Wildlife really warmed up the crowd with their synth-pop tunes as well as joking around with the crowd. Their front-man, Dean Povinsky, was the one playing up the crowd with this sense of humour & hilarious stories. The second opening act was the chick-duo from Vancouver, The Pack A.D. Even though they rocked out hard & played their smash hit single, “Sirens”, they didn’t interact with the crowd as much as Wildlife and were forgotten once Hollerado made way to the stage. Opening with their song “Holleradoland”, they got the audience swaying and singing along. When the lead singer & guitarist, Menno Versteeg, started to sing the lyrics to another fan favourite, “Fake Drugs” the crowd went absolutely wild, joining in during the chorus. Hollerado really did impress everyone who was at the show. The interaction with the fans was to say the least phenomenal; during the show their crew threw thousands of glow sticks and hundreds of glowing beach balls and blew up confetti cannons into the audience. Funny childhood stories and sarcastic remarks on behalf of mayor Rob Ford told by lead singer, Menno where definitely remembered. Closing their show with a cover of Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls”, the show was a blast (the confetti cannons sure did help) and the live music was definitely no disappointment.
Hollerado continued on their North American “Meet the Mayor” tour to their final city in Waterloo after their Toronto performance. They have recently released a new music video for their single “Good Day at the Races”.
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January 26, 2012 at 7:33 pm