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Article Updates!!

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Hey everyone!

Even though the school year has started I’m still planning to write as many articles as I can throughout the year, so bear with me.

Some articles I plan to have up by the end of next week;

– Fall 2012 style trends

– Review on Hollerado at Mississauga Celebration Center, Friday September 7th 2012

– Recipe for peanut butter and jam cookies

– A dummies guide to what is happening/has happened to Rob Ford

Thanks for reading!

– Anna Chorazyczewski


Written by girlwiththenews

September 7, 2012 at 4:58 pm

My first day of University.

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I have decided to make small updates on how my time at Ryerson is going to be throughout the years, hopefully this will be a daily/weekly update.

So I was lurking in the RSU building after my first class ever, Culture of News 120,  freaking out because through Facebook and, Lady Gaga has announced dates for her North American leg of her Born This Way Ball.

That was probably the most exciting part of my day, but here is how my first class went.
My prof reminds me a lot of my high school English teacher (I then wrote a thankful email to my former English teacher) so I wasn’t exactly phased by her.
I’m happy to say I have survived the hazing of Cathy (for now)! She’s very straightforward- no beating around the bush- and I love that about her! I’m pleased to say that I look forward to JRN 120.

On Thursday I had a class that I’m not too keen on, JRN 199. Not such a surprise though, grammar isn’t exactly known for being liked. Hopefully my time spent reading grammar books during summer vacation will pay off during next weeks test! Fingers crossed!

-Anna Chorazyczewski

Written by girlwiththenews

September 7, 2012 at 4:50 pm